An Article for Vector

Posted on August 7, 2008 by Shay

I was recently asked to write an article for the e-zine ‘vector’ (x #06 – Jul.08) , which was quite a tricky thing to do.

After some consideration I basically decided to do a mini retrospective, which defined my approach and shared some of my thoughts on Glitch Art & Aesthetics.

Introduction to the field
How I investigated Glitch Art
My Dissertation Summary
Definition / Taxonomy of Glitches
Detail and Visual Definition
Context / Appreciation of Glitches
Some thoughts on researching / extending Glitch Art

heres a link to what I wrote and the main site

Tim Barker’s The Error and the Event, article takes a really philosophical framework defining approach and looks at Errors, in the context of philosophies of the event, He references Deleuze, Whitehead, Steven Shaviro and Lev Manovich, amongst others. Im not entirely sure how far I should delve into philosophy these days. I feel at a disadvantage when I read texts like his, but also excited that I know very little about most of the writers referenced and that there is plenty to learn.