Developments in PhD territory / Status

Posted on July 26, 2008 by Shay

okay so this summer, is the summer of development, or at least starting the development cycle and setting things up for development.

I’m just back from a sensory art binge in Paris and I’m pretty thrilled to have seen some really nice work. The excitement I felt there and now is just what i need.

Before I left three significant things happened.

  • I had a meeting with Derek, it was a personal development review meeting and we briefly touched upon my PhD amongst other topics. It was a really positive boost and Im happy to have had that period of time with him unfettered by phonecalls and other engagements
  • I had a pretty long conversation with Ant, about choosing a title or brand for my development work (i always start things off this way), the conversation was a little retrospective, in terms of the book, and how we’ve individually spent the past few years
  • I started thinking about, what common points each of the multiple projects id like to work on have, as in, if I had a special development blog area for each, what needs do all my projects or my way of working through problems share, which can turn into milestones, development points which are gradually resolved over time. Will it all turn into a giant todo list?