Scarlett on the FD – 20

Posted on December 2, 2008 by Shay

DSC03536, originally uploaded by Iman.

nothing beats good old CRT displays.
I have a confession I bought the Sony FD – 20 Watchman,
because I’d seen it on the linux on obsolete displays project.

before the purchase I set about researching convenient ways to interface it with a computer.

RF Video Transmitters came to mind at first, then I started ebaying for VGA to S – Video connectors, and on Monday after a five minute consultation with the Huddersfield Electronic shop guy.

I ended up with an assortment of connectors and adaptors. as usual with these things, Male and Female didnt match up and I ended up scouring my own drawers for the right cabling.

right now. the video signal, outputs from a laptop’s S – Video and via a series of adaptors makes its way into the phono style video in.

I experimented with patterns colour intensities and dabbled with the effect it has on the sound feed.