Status in 2008

Posted on March 13, 2008 by Shay

Since my last post (last year), a lot of things have happened. The Glitch Book is complete now and Mark Batty are publishing it. The title of the book is Glitch: Perfect Imperfection and we have a date of Sep. 2008 for when the book hits the shelves.

Mid 2007, rewrite of the Crap Aesthetic PhD proposal. Then a total scrapping of it, as I realised its limtations.

April 2007, I proposed to my fiance.

I went to Madrid late 2007 and participated in Visualizar, on a project called humanflows. That was an amazing experience and a half, not least of which was meeting Ben Fry, Adrian Holovaty in a very informal setting. I made some great friends there too, I worked Miguel Cabanzo and Nathan Yau. for a whole two weeks and found them to be incredibly talented and bright in every respect.

Early 2008, I gained my professional teaching qualification or (Post Graduate Cert. in Prof Development), which was an incredibly awkward convoluted process. I ended up writing a good 40,000 words in the end. completely overkill!

Feb 2008, I approached Mathew Adkins to become my lead supervisor on my PhD by portfolio on “Glitch Art” on a recommendation from my friend Pierre Alexandre Tremblay. It turned out Mathew was already familiar with my written work on the glitch aesthetic (what luck) and I couldnt have wished for a more suitable supervisor after learning he is writing a paper on the glitch as a (genre spanning) meme and that he is actually based in my university!