Summer 08 Aftermath

Posted on September 21, 2008 by Shay

I think I’ve achieved what I wanted this summer. I wanted to become really excited again about the prospect of exploring the Glitch as a medium for artwork (by coming up with a few themes, ideas and directions), finish the last stages of the book (on shelves in November) and sharpen my coding skills (as/js/php/java). Im glad to report I’ve actually done all that and thankfully a bit more, which is to work on my side project which has nothing to do with the glitch or my PhD (reon: a browser based MMO game), listen to some music, indulge in some reading, write an article and prepare for another year of teaching.

Which brings me on to my next topic. I’m teaching studio next year. In actual fact, leading the final year and taking over from Jen whos been doing such an amazing job of it for the past few years. This new teaching role is a marked difference from teaching pure skills based modules (even though I’m still doing those) Studio teaching is going to be different, but more in line with what I would be doing as a PhD student and practitioner, which can only be a good thing, but then looking at my hours, no matter how much I may overestimate my ability to stretch time, things are going to be really tight, unless I’m extremely disciplined about my time and availability to students / fellow staff.

I’m already taking myself off the list of unnecessary committee’s / meetings or ones I just dont have time for. We’ll see how it goes. Im looking forward to seeing Mathew as well.