Wabi Sabi

Posted on April 7, 2008 by Shay

During an early encounter with my head of department (my possible supervisor), he briefly asked whether Id looked at Japanese art/culture and the notion of imperfection. (if I remember correctly that is)
I’d briefly encountered John Maeda talk about fragility, imperfection on his ‘simplicity blog’ and Im pretty sure there was a post on there about a fractured or splintered object and the character and value the imperfection had imbued in this object.

By chance, I came across a book in borders two weeks ago, which I bought without thinking twice, its called Wabi Sabi: The Japanese art of impermanence.

There are some nice poetic statements and starting points in this book by Andrew Juniper and I have much to learn and master about this concept. Having also wikipedia’d wabi sabiI think there is certainly room for discussing how glitches fit into the discussion or at least parallels exist within the context of wabi sabi and what glitches are capable of expressing.

I know Ive skimmed the surface of these things before, but they seem absolutely befitting if Im trying to explore Glitches in an artistic light.

beauty in imperfection
the notion of impermanence
the beauty of fragility