Posted on January 7, 2009 by Shay

2009 yay! Year of the PhD. Year of the ox 牛. The Ox being the sign of prosperity through fortitude and hard work. And also the year of the Analogue Switchover in the US.

Well I’m going to list a few thing of late.

Ive been linking to really gorgeous things I find over at ffffound. one of the most interesting emergent communities I’ve been a part of. Thanks for the invite Dimitre.


I think its important for me to show what I’m visually interested in, as I find much pleasure in finding and admiring a good piece of work which requires no description. Although I’m very keen on exploring audio, I think a reasonable amount of my initial work will be visual, and for a glimpse of what I like, my ffffound feed is pretty revealing. There is a fair amount of ‘serendipity’ too which my friend Dave loves so much.

I’m calling one phase of my work “Glitch Lab”, I was going to call it Glitch Research Lab, analogous to the http://graffitiresearchlab.com/ but I thought better of it- on the genuine grounds that they’ve taken a recent public fascination with phallic graffiti. working on the site for it or more importantly my first few experiments.

The other things:

-End of 2008 saw the release of Processing 1.0, nice!

-I finally met with all my supervisors. The interaction between the 3 of them should be very interesting. Each is planting new thoughts in my head and I’ve gave a resounding yes to collaborating with my lead supervisor on something for 2009.

– I’ve switched to OSX on one of my primary machines. I’ve been a PC user for years, but never really committed to enjoying OSX in its full glory. It is a joy. Highlights include QuartzComposer. Which brings me onto another reason..

Anton Marini (Vade) kindly referenced me back in 2006.
http://abstrakt.vade.info/?p=48 He’s now consistently been doing work which I highly rate. I want to get experimenting with Quartz Composer.