underlying structure 1

Posted on February 9, 2009 by Shay

DSC04214_variation, originally uploaded by Iman.

I spent some time on Saturday walking around town, in the snow, taking pictures of buildings. specifically ones with regimented repetition, or stark geometric forms and hard edges, anyhow, I came back home and thought of how I could use these.

I remembered what Mathew had mentioned, about the spectral intensity of one sound being mapped onto another, and this is how the image above came about. In 2004 I had a faulty graphics card (ATI) whether it was the drivers or the hardware, I’ll never know, but it would basically corrupt Open GL 3D graphics very much like Tom Betts’ QQQ, anyhow I used an image captured then, and overlayed it onto an already manipulated building image.

Three things are important to note about this.

1. by mapping the hues of the glitch image onto the building image, I became aware of an underlying structure that was previously imperceptible.

2. Im trying to do simple transforms and manipulations first which are programmable in C. Im limiting myself to things I think I can achieve in code over the course of a year or so of tinkering.

3. I’m interested in the point where the visual structure of the glitch, (used as a stencil / mask) becomes the essence of the glitch artwork itself.

Can the glitch be stripped of its host image content in this way and not be a straight up visualisation of some data?