A history of edits

Posted on August 28, 2012 by Shay

Linked-in is itching for an versioning system, that tracks changes to a person’s CV / some kind of A/B testing suite.

anyway I’m having a clearout of mine.

copy and paste dump after the jump from the interests section which aren’t strictly valid any more.. or have been de-prioritised. It’s very telling I suppose.

Design (interface design, interaction design, design books, theories and products),Design Research (Products and Marketing, Design Business Opportunities, Managing creativity, Glitch and Retro Aesthetics, Design as Art) Art (conceptual art, glitch art, photography) Reading (hard sci-fi, speculative fiction) Hobbies (Amateur astronomy,astrophotography, mapping the moon, programming) , Technology (Rapid Prototyping, Tangible Computing, Tactile Interfaces, Miniature displays, Mashups and Data Visualisation,Bio-sensing and Input)